Labor Force

We understand that an available and skilled workforce is key to successful business operations. Mississippi Choctaw has an estimated 4,500 tribal members in our workforce. Additionally, according to a 2018 Labor Force Study, our region has more than 60,000 available workers including unemployed, under-employed, and new college graduates. We also invest in access to the most up-to-date online tools and resources to help potential new employers evaluate our labor market for your future workforce needs.

    Workforce development and training

    At Mississippi Choctaw, we know the keys to a bright future for our Tribe are education and job skills. To see our Tribe grow and prosper, we must offer the best and brightest to our business partners – your success is our success. Our Tribe is committed to improving educational opportunities and workforce training for our tribal members and our employers.

    Throughout the years, our workforce, which includes both Tribal members and local residents, has adapted quickly to our ongoing economic diversification. As we’ve advanced and become more sophisticated, our workforce has proved adept at expanding from low-skilled jobs to more demanding industries including information technology, pneumatics & hydraulics, high-tech assembly, gaming, tourism, government contracting, calibration services, and much more. As the businesses that are affiliated with our Tribe shift, we customize our job training focus to ensure that we are offering a skilled workforce to our business partners.


      Primary and Secondary Education

      Mississippi Choctaw operates the largest American Indian school system in the United States with an enrollment of almost 3,000 students. Choctaw education programs are available to the children of enrolled Tribal members. Our commitment to education begins at preschool and through advanced college degrees. In addition to providing a solid academic education, we are also focused on specific vocational training as our students advance in school. Our aim is to prepare them for a variety of careers that might be available for them on our lands, from information technology, to culinary training, to electrical skills, to hospitality management.

      Our educational assets include the following facilities:

      • 8 Early Childhood Education Centers with Early Head Start, Head Start, and Childcare Services
      • 6 Elementary Schools
      • 1 Middle School
      • 1 High School

      In addition, Choctaw has created supplemental education programs to further strengthen our community’s educational opportunities.

      • Choctaw Virtual Learning Center (CVLC): In 2017, the Tribe created the Choctaw Virtual Learning Center to enable Choctaw adults to complete their High School Diploma (rather than a GED) by providing access to mentors and online learning modules.

      • Career Technical Education Center (CTEC): In 2018, we created the CTEC Program within Choctaw High School to offer career and technical (i.e., vocational) training including culinary arts, carpentry, graphic design, ag science, business fundamentals, engineering, health science, and welding, among others.

      Post-Secondary Education

      Tribal Scholarship Program: The Choctaw Tribal Scholarship Program was created in 1994 to provide funding for Tribal members that wanted to pursue post-secondary education at the college or university of their choice. The Scholarship Program assists with pre-college counseling, career exploration, admission, housing, registration, financial assistance, and a variety of other post-secondary educational services. This program provides direct financial assistance to obtain an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree, as well as pursue technical degrees and certifications.

      Integrated Technologies Training Center: In 2006, the Tribe negotiated an agreement with East Central Community College to equip and staff a 10,000 square foot workforce training center on Tribal Lands. This facility is able to offer classes for college credit, vocational certificates, as well as customized workforce training for employers located on the Reservation.

      Workforce Development Program: The Choctaw Workforce Development Program offers a wide variety of employment and training services for educational advancement, job training, and job placement for tribal members. Eight individual programs are offered, including vocational training, adult education, and senior citizen employment.

      CyberLab – In 2019, Mississippi Choctaw built a state-of-the-art computer lab that provides 16 computer workstations complete with dual monitors and virtual reality headsets. This facility offers training in cybersecurity, coding certifications, and software skills development.

      Off-Reservation Educational Opportunities

      The non-Indian communities in east central Mississippi also offer significant educational opportunities for our region:

      • 3 high schools within a 10-mile radius of Choctaw
      • 3 community college campuses within 45 miles
      • 20 colleges & universities are located within 100 miles

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      Commitment to Workforce Development

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