Mississippi Choctaw has been doing business since we opened our first Tribal Enterprise in 1969. We are able to partner with businesses in a variety of ways. Some companies choose to become a tenant by leasing the sites and buildings we have available to locate their manufacturing or production facility. And others want to form a joint venture partnership to have us more involved in the business operations. We have formed joint ventures, strategic alliances, teaming agreements, and management agreements with non-Indian business partners. We are enthusiastic about these types of collaborations and welcome the opportunity to employ our Tribal members and local residents in these ventures.

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    Our Tribal Lands are home to a diversified portfolio of manufacturing, service, retail, hospitality, and construction enterprises.We provide more than 5,000 jobs for Tribal members and area residents. Furthermore, the Tribal Government does not assess property taxes like most municipalities do to fund government services.  Instead, our Tribal Enterprises generate tax-equivalent Tribal revenues to help fund government services such as new schools; strong educational programs; academic scholarships; health care clinics and medical services; police, security, and fire protection; land management and environmental resources protection; road improvements, youth recreation and employment opportunities; and many other services.


    The MBCI is currently operating in industries as diverse as:

    • IT and computer skills training
    • Gaming & Hotels
    • Commercial Printing
    • Virtual Reality App Development
    • Organic Farming
    • General Contracting
    • Golf Course Management
    • Resort Development & Operations
    • Manufacture of Military Vehicle
    • Climate-Control Systems
    • Cosmetics Packaging
    • Nursing Home Operations
    • Pneumatic and Hydraulic
    • Refurbishment
    • Calibration and Metrology Services
    • Industrial, Commercial, and Retail
    • Facility Leasing & Management
    • Commercial Laundry Services

    TOP 10


    Low Costs of Labor, Land, and Facilities

    Social Impact Investing

    Unique Business Model

    Sovereign Nation Status

    Unencumbered Federal Trust Lands

    Unique Federal Incentives

    Innovative Public-Private Partnerships

    Ease of Doing Business

    Access to Multiple Financing Options

    Commitment to Workforce Development

    John Hendrix
    Director of Economic Development


    Office of Economic Development
    375 Industrial Road | STE 2
    Choctaw, MS 39350

    Tribal Businesses