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ESG Commitment

Sustainability of our Tribal lands has been a goal of the Mississippi Choctaws for generations, long before the concept of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria. In recent years, we have made efforts to engage all three components of ESG to create a better environment for our Tribal members and offer the most advantageous investment to our business partners.


    Climate change and carbon emissions

    The Tribe’s carbon offset project is directly connected to capturing greenhouse gas and storing carbon related to climate change issues and will protect 25,000 acres of forested land.


    Energy efficiency

    The Tribe is in the midst of an effort to replace standard lighting with LED lights throughout its business facilities. Over 6,000 fixtures will be replaced for an energy savings of 1.6 million kw hours per year.

    Social Issues

    Data protection and privacy

    The Tribe is offering a range of classes to Tribal members and employees, from cyber awareness seminars to CompTIA Security training.

    Social Issues


    We are committed to diversity and inclusion in our hiring processes. As a Native American community, we are recognized as a minority and seek to give every Tribal member an opportunity for business success.


    Board composition

     Our Enterprise Boards are comprised of 100% Native American individuals. As a federally recognized sovereign nation, it’s important that our corporate governance be an accurate representation of our Tribal membership. We are committed to this principle.

    John Hendrix
    Director of Economic Development

    [email protected]

    Office of Economic Development
    375 Industrial Road | STE 2
    Choctaw, MS 39350

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