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Choctaw Employment Advantage

Choctaw Employment Advantage is a program that offers a rental discount to commercial tenants leasing Tribal buildings.

Monthly rental payments will be reduced in increments of $500 for every five Tribal members with at least 90 days of full-time employment by tenants as of the date the monthly rental payment is due.


    To be eligible, a business must meet 
    the following criteria:

    • Be located on Tribal land.
    • Be working on Tribal land.
    • Have a valid business lease.
    • Have a valid MBCI business permit.
    • Be current on all rental charges including common area maintenance and related fees.
    • Be current on all sales tax remittances and related fees to the Choctaw Tax Commission.


    • Self-employed tenants are not eligible.
    • Common area maintenance fees are not eligible
    • Monthly rental payments will not be reduced by more than half of the original amount due.

    Application Process

    To receive the rental discount, the tenant must remit an Employment Incentive Report and the Landlord must also sign to confirm eligibility.

    John Hendrix
    Director of Economic Development

    [email protected]

    Office of Economic Development
    375 Industrial Road | STE 2
    Choctaw, MS 39350

    Tribal Businesses