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CHOCTAW, Miss. — Brian Robinson’s National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Electrical Core Curriculum class had breakfast and a visit from Chief Cyrus Ben to show appreciation for their work and determination in class. Students include Michael Bell, Harley Briscoe, Lance Gibson, Dominic Hernandez, Douglas Hickman, Shaunrey Jefferson, Tristen Steve, Stephen Wallace, Warren Wesley, Jimmy Ray Williams, Degotto Willis, Simeon Willis, and Junaluska Wilson.

Chief Ben spoke to the students stating, “There are not enough people to do the type of job you are currently training for.” NCCER News collaborates this information stating, “The fact is there are not enough skilled electricians in the construction industry” and taking into consideration, there will be “potentially 300,000 Baby Boomers retiring,” we need more electricians. There is a skilled labor gap nation-wide and the MBCI is tackling this problem locally. Chief Ben spoke about workforce development and the need for more trained and skilled workers. The students listened intently while Chief Ben gave encouragement to continue.

One supervisor stated that more maintenance employees needed this class due to the basic solid foundation of safety and communication. Another supervisor said he had more employees wanting to attend the class but could not let all of them go or they would be short-handed.

The NCCER core curriculum class is a prerequisite before going into any NCCER skills training such as HVAC, Electrical, Carpentry, Welding, Plumbing, etc. Therefore, if you have never taken any NCCER classes before, you will need to take this class.

For more information about NCCER classes or to fill out an application and placed on a waiting list, please contact Sarah Medlock at 601-663-7585 at the Office of Economic Development.



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